Hulk Smash: Why we keep seeing the Avengers movies

Superhero movies have taken over.

Avengers Infinity War was recently released making it the 19th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That is, this is the 19th movie in the last 10 years focusing on the same characters. There have been three Spider man reboots in the last 14 years as well. 

So what is it with all the superhero movies?

Studios keep making them, because we keep seeing them. And we keep seeing them for these four reasons:

  1. We have a David vs. Goliath Complex. We are the little guy and the world is pushing us around. We like to see people from fairly realistic backgrounds overcome the Goliath. It allows us an outlet to think that we too can overcome the Goliath in our lives. 
  2. We like to root for the bad guy. We like to see that the villain can change and has a heart. We like to know that our own misgivings can be overcome. 
  3. We are all dreamers. We like to see that an average Joe can be bit by a radioactive spider and then become the hero of his neighborhood. We want to be the heroes of our family, friends and communities as well.
  4. Chris Hemsworth.

Watching superhero movies is fun and it is okay to dream and be unrealistic. However, we will never be just like Spiderman. We can, however, make a difference for ourselves and those around us through hard work and pursuing our passions. It is okay to live a small, happy life. Your value is not based off of any one thing. Your value is determined by you.

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