Getting motivated for summer

The beginning of summer brings sunshine, fresh fruit, and lots of rain if you are living in South Florida like I am (I think it’s rained for the last three weeks straight).

Another mark of the start of summer is graduation season: the store shelves are stocked with dancing dogs in congrats caps and gowns, cards and balloons are aplenty, young and old are decked out in their graduation gear—and again if you are living in South Florida like I am traffic is even worse than usual. 

Whether you are graduating or not, various commencement speeches, which are now easily accessible thanks to technology/YouTube, can be motivating and inspiring to listen to. June is also a good time to check in on your New Year’s resolution or any other goals and intentions you have set yourself for this year, now that we are half way through. 

Below are three commencement speeches that are worth a listen:



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