I’ve got 99 problems and they are all made up in my head.

Jay-z rapped the OG 99 problems lyric, but in 2013 Bill Murray perhaps made it more relatable to all of us.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 6.10.35 PM

I say the above statement at least once a day to myself.

This is because everyday, like everyone else, I am thrust out into the world and have to deal with the tedious efforts of everyday life.

Sometimes I feel things don’t go my way. Sometimes I feel other people are to blame for my shortcomings or I am affected by other’s actions. And sometimes I’m just sad because I didn’t copy what my coworker ordered for lunch and now hers looks better than mine!

Each times these negative thoughts pop into my mind, I remind myself, I have 99 problems and they are all in my head. Like most others, my problems begin and end with my thoughts. The universe is not out to get me. If things don’t seem to be going my way, I have to remember that I may not be able to control what is happening around me but I can control how I react to it. I can only enjoy what I got for lunch today and remind myself to copy my coworker tomorrow. I have to work on stopping my negative thoughts at the root and let the rest go. I cannot control everything, but I can control me.

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