#metoo: Addressing sexual harassment with teens

After decades of relative silence surrounding sexual harassment, the revelation of new scandals in Hollywood has brought the issue into the forefront of media attention. Awareness of this issue has been sparked further by the #metoo social media campaign, which encourages women of all ages to place #metoo as their status if they have ever … More #metoo: Addressing sexual harassment with teens

Friends or Frenemies: Accepting changing relationships

The fourth season of TV LAND’s original show Younger debuted on 6/28/17. Yes I’m writing about a show on TV LAND. And much like TV LAND adapted to a younger audience (#ILoveLucyRerunsAreLife) the show Younger is about just that. Adapting. The show revolves around the 40-year-old Liza (Sutton Foster) who, after her stereotypical 40-year-old suburbanite … More Friends or Frenemies: Accepting changing relationships